Monday, March 6, 2017

[Magicmaker] March 6th Game Update

Greetings! We've deployed another update to Magicmaker. Read on for the details!

Mar 06 2017 - Patch Notes


  • Increased drop rate of alchemy components (essences and stones)
  • Stones and essences now drop at an even ratio, instead of all alchemy drops having an equal drop rate (causing stones to appear less often)
  • Training dummies now display your damage per second (DPS) after receiving damage
  • Added a stone dummy to the training area. It is knockback immune.
  • Siren's Seafoam projectiles now begin oscillating upwards regardless of the direction they are fired (left vs right)
  • Siren's Seafoam lasers now undulate in a wave pattern instead of being a static shape
  • Adjusted tooltips to clarify their effects on spellpower.
  • Adjusted particle effects on the Pranksgiving Cornucopia artifact
  • Added some more loading screen tips
  • Allowed the player to modify their spells if they die to the final boss
  • Adjusted tutorial text to better explain spellpower and clarify controls


  • Fixed an issue that caused keys to vanish
  • Significantly improved the performance of wind gusts in the Forest Zone
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Ball-Diamond-Laser spells would only hit once
  • Fixed a bug that caused Trick Bullet-Turret spells to deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed an interaction with Trick Bullet and Diamond that would cause projectiles to double hit an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where very large Diamond Lasers would hit more times than intended on targets very close together
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Ball-Diamond-Laser spells would repeatedly hit the same target
  • Fixed a bug where the turret robe would occasionally not appear or attack
  • Arrow drops from Quiver spells no longer prevent treasure room portals from opening
  • Fixed several instances of incompletable levels, especially in the forest
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause floating standing stones in the forest
  • Fixed an issue where fire wisps and salamanders would get stuck in a corner of the desert sandpit trap room 
  • Significantly reduced instances of giant snowball enemies vibrating violently in tiny corridors
  • Removed a phantom hitbox on the Desert Boss
  • Fixed several typos. Now there aren't any spelling errors left in the game, as always. Was there ever a spelling error in Magicmaker? It's impossible to say at this point. We're looking into forming a panel of experts to thoroughly investigate rumors of spelling errors in the game, but if we're being totally honest it seems like a wasted effort, seeing as the notion of a spelling mistake in our game is downright absurd. I mean, come on.

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