Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17 2015 Update

Hello witches and wizards!

Magicmaker has been updated! Here's what we fixed:

Dec 17 2015 - Patch Notes

  • Added left-handed mouse options 
  • Giant Cobra miniboss is now completely immune to knockback 
  • Turret Flowers are now affected by knockback 
  • Midnight desert and sunset jungle backgrounds have been added to Temple Zone difficulties 3 and 4 respectively 

  • Re-added Windows XP support 
  • Actually fixed the green crystal chest bug this time 
  • Lightning Rod's robe effect now works properly when walking on walls with Sticky Slime. 
  • Fixed a bug where trying to bind the arrow keys would work, but the keys would be improperly labeled as "INVALID KEYBIND" 
  • Fixed a bug where Fairy Wing laser spells were doing less damage than intended 
  • Fixed a bug where you would have zero ammo available if you picked up a quiver in the plug and play challenge 
  • Tonna bricks + Sticky Slime projectiles now obey gravity until they begin follow walls 
  • Fixed an issue where spell names would become miscolored through renaming 
  • Fixed an issue where the temple vault in the bachelors difficulty mission was unlocked at the start of the mission 
  • Adjusted spacing issues in the UI options menu 
  • Fixed a music loop stutter in the associates difficulty Desert Zone 
  • Fixed a case where you could no longer progress if you enchanted your wand in the tutorial and then quit out 
  • Fixed a bug where the screen would occasionally just go all white during the finale sequence 
  • Fixed a bug where rock lasers would sometimes make the screen go all white

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16th Game Update

Greetings, wizards and witches! With your help we've ironed out some bugs, as well as buffed some material effects!

Read on for the full details.


  • Improved the effectiveness of several materials:
  • Bouncy Ball spells: increased starting bounces by 1 
  • Caustic Ichor spells: adjusted values to scale more strongly with spellpower 
  • Explosive Powder robes: Death delay normalized to 3 seconds at all ranks 
  • Fire Crystal spells: increased burn damage spellpower ratio 
  • Fire Crystal robes: increased burn damage 
  • Harpy Feather spells: wall collision damage increased 
  • Miniature Sun robes: increased burn damage 
  • Quiver spells: increased starting arrows by 1 
  • Philosopher Stone spells: reduced mana cost penalty 
  • Shade Spirit spells: increased control buildup spellpower ratio 
  • Sticky Slime robes: greatly increased wall-walking timer 
  • Tonna Bricks spells: increased spellpower boost effect
  • Middle-mouse click can now be bound in the keybinds menu 
  • You can now get into the forest treasure room tree with just Jharni's Socks of Jumping (sorry!) 
  • Rune spells now drop mana crystals in larger chunks if the number of crystals exceeds 10


  • Fixed an issue where New Game+ availability would sometimes not activate 
  • Optic Lens + Extract of Monday now properly combine in spells 
  • Fixed an exploit where Illusion Dust robe clones would cast more spells than intended 
  • Fixed a bug where some reward chests would not unlock despite all level gems being collected 
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck out of bounds 
  • Fixed several typos 
  • Updated loading screen tips

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th Game Update

Hey wizards and witches! More bugfixes coming in! Thanks for helping us find and resolve these issues.

May 28 2015 - Patch Notes


  • Explosive Powder's AoE damage now scales based on how close the affected enemy is to the center of the explosion


  • Fixed several typos 
  • Harpy Feather spells now damage enemies flung into walls properly 
  • Fixed a machine-specific crash on the final boss 
  • Fixed an issue where you could teleport into a quest vault in the temple 
  • The final boss now properly scales into New Game+ 
  • Adjusted Magic Boomerang tooltip 
  • Disabled Ninja Sword on Robe's ability to dash during cutscenes 
  • Recipe delete prompt will now inform you which recipe you are removing 
  • Deleting recipes from the recipe list no longer sometimes deletes the wrong recipe 
  • Ice Gargoyles now properly animate on low graphic settings 
  • Keys no longer get stuck deciding between two locks an equal distance from the key 
  • Adjusted buff stacking behavior 
  • Adjusted criteria for Magic Boomerang achievement 
  • Menus now display properly on smaller resolutions 
  • Fixed a crash related to Magic Boomerang's robe effect 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause endless cutscenes in the desert zone 
  • Players can no longer escape the tutorial, seriously, for real this time. 
  • Lasers now properly interact with objects during the final boss fight 
  • Charming ice no longer causes graphical issues 
  • Ghosts and Ice Gargoyles now play nice with stealth effects 
  • Giant Snowball's collision now more accurately reflects its appearence 
  • Treasure chests are now guaranteed to spawn in missions that require them 
  • Lasers now play nice with map illumination and vacuum cleaner spells 
  • Effects that require the player to stand still now work more consistently when standing on one-way platforms


  • Improved performance of laser and light-affecting spells and effects

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5th Game Update

Greetings Witches and Wizards! Magicmaker's been updated with bug fixes and a BRAND NEW Magic Boomerang behavior!

Feb 05 2015 - Patch Notes

Added controller sensitivity options


  • Altered Magic Boomerang's spell behavior:
    • On Spell: If the spell hits an enemy, a mana boomerang is launched towards the player. Catching it restores some of the cost of the spell. 

    • Design Context: Magic Boomerang? More like Magic BoomeRANGE. In a lot of situations, the interesting decisions involved in high-grade Magic Boomerang spells included "can I click on my target" and "how high can I set my monitor resolution". They bypassed a lot of important pacing systems (namely spell range) which resulted in them being "fun because powerful" and not "fun because interesting". We're not hating on spell-snipers here, though! We love Quicksilver Gear and Rock and if you want to hit from miles away you've still got options. 

    • This change was also to help out some underappreciated materials such as Philosopher Stone and Soul Contract. By giving a skill-based avenue to mitigating these costs, we hope to have opened up some exciting paths of spellcrafting.

  • Rift Crystal robes are now capped at 50% dodge chance. 
  • On-hit effects are now triggered if you execute a target on spell hit


  • Fixed issues with fullscreen on some machines 
  • Enemies now ignore New Game+ scaling in training courses 
  • Cauldrons in the Castle Zone now properly interact with Laser spells 
  • Spell recipes can now be deleted from mission select crafting menus 
  • Fixed an issue with spell icons not functioning properly in New Game+ mode 
  • Fixed an issue with the final boss dying before being encountered 
  • Fixed a rare situation where no leaf piles would spawn in the mission whose objective is to remove all leaf piles 
  • Level portals no longer get embedded in the environment 
  • Fixed an bug that caused erratic behavior in the tutorial during New Game+ 
  • Ninja Sword trail particles no longer persist longer than intended 
  • Secondary effects on spells are no longer editable on graphics settings that don't display them in the first place 
  • The New Game+ prompt should only show up once now 
  • Fixed an issue where super clever wizards were getting negative times on training courses

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Upcoming Magic Boomerang Changes

Hey friends. In an upcoming patch, we're looking to adjust Magic Boomerang's spell behavior (we're happy with its robe effect, this won't change). This would be the first time that we've made a change like this post-release, so we want to handle this change as carefully as possible and gather community feedback and have a discussion on the subject so we don't end up blindsiding players when the changes come.

What's wrong with Magic Boomerang?

The first problem with Magic Boomerang is that it has the potential to nullify the interesting gameplay potential of certain materials. For example, many players have discovered the powerful Ninja Sword + Magic Boomerang combination, which allows you to just summon a normally melee attack at any location on the screen- retaining the power bonuses that are normally granted for risking your HP bar by going into close range. A similar problem happens with Illusion Dust- normally to "shotgun" the extra projectiles for maximum damage, you need to pretty much be close enough to tie an enemy's shoes. With a sufficiently powerful Magic Boomerang, you can safely manifest 6 or so bolts directly in their face whenever and from wherever you please.

The second problem with Magic Boomerang is how its power rather awkwardly scales with your screen resolution. Since your resolution directly relates to how many tiles from the player you can see, and your cursor can go anywhere within your sight range, the potential benefit of Magic Boomerang gets really crazy on larger monitors. This is a really awkward way of obtaining power, completely separate from anything the player has control over in moment-to-moment gameplay.

The elephant in the room: The Steam Boomerang Achievement

Currently there's an achievement for defeating an enemy with a boomerang spell by directly clicking on them. If we change the functionality of Boomerang, we need to change this achievement too, which either means completely removing it (which may upset some people), transforming it into a different achievement (rendering the new objective unachievable for players who already completed its previous requirement), or adding a new achievement and making the old one unobtainable (which is pretty much the worst outcome). Any solution we come up with needs to address this subject, so we need your thoughts on the subject of 'chievos.

What is Tasty Stewdios doing about it?

Short answer, we're not 100% sure yet! We've discussed internally what we want out of Magic Boomerang and we have a few solutions that we're looking to prototype and experiment with, but nothing is completely confirmed. Here's what we're currently thinking:

Magic Boomerang:
On Spells: On collision with an enemy, the spell returns towards the wizard. If the player catches the returning bolt, a percentage of the mana cost is returned.

%returned mana scales with material grade, ignores spellpower, mana/health returned based on resource used.

This is so far the most attractive solution for a couple of reasons. One, it more closely resembles the behavior people expect from a boomerang- you throw it and it comes back to you. Secondly, it adds a skill-based mana sustain option. And third, it addresses the issue where Philosopher Stone spells are somewhat unappealing unless you have modifiers to your maximum MP.

Got a different idea?

Post your thoughts and ideas here so we can discuss solutions as a community! At the end of the day we're making this change to make Magicmaker a more interesting game for you all- the players. We'll be watching this discussion over the next few days and responding as frequently as possible.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th Game Update

Season's Greetings, witches and wizards!

We've got an awesome new update cooked up for you! We've added FIVE MORE MATERIALS! This brings the spell count to well over 3.5 million. But wait- there's more! Have you ever felt limited by four material slots? Are hordes of enemies not challenging enough for a spellcaster of your caliber? Take on NEW GAME+ mode! The enemies grow fiercer, but so do your spells! Earn up to seven total material slots on your spell, wand, and robe! How many spells are there to craft now? Drumroll please... over 200 TRILLION! Fire up your wand, and read the patch notes below!

Dec 15 2014 - Patch Notes


  • Added 5 new materials:
    • Artichoke:
      • On Spells: Spells have a chance to critically hit, dealing triple damage!
      • On Robes: Allows you to heal beyond your maximum HP. This extra HP slowly wears off.
    • Extract of Monday:
      • On Spells: Projectiles start slow and weak, but speed up and increase spellpower over time.
      • On Robes: A cloud follows you, pouring down damaging rain to enemies nearby and below!
    • Green Belt:
      • On Spells: Every third hit on a target delivers a knockout strike that deals bonus damage.
      • On Robes: Build up speed as you run! After running a certain distance, an explosion triggers when you stop, damaging nearby enemies.
    • One-Sided Coin:
      • On Spells: Curses on hit. Curse grows stronger with each hit. Cursed targets explode on death, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
      • On Robes: Charges a shield that grants immunity to negative status effects.
    • Quiver:
      • On Spells: Uses ammunition, instead of mana. Ammo can be retrieved after being used.
      • On Robes: Creates a shield that negates all damage. Shield only recharges upon starting a new level.
  • A new Alchemy color has been added: Pink. All new materials have an alchemy color of Pink.
  • Added New Game+ Mode
    • New Game+ is unlocked after all story (gold) quests have been completed, the player has upgraded all of their equipment, and defeated the final boss.
    • New Game+ starts the adventure over, but keeps all materials, artifacts, and previous unlocks
    • Acquiring new unlocks increases the number of materials available in spells
    • Monster health and damage increases as you progress further into New Game+
    • New Game+ is followed by New Game++ and New Game+++. Same rules apply.
    • Players who have already met the unlock conditions for New Game+ must first defeat the final boss again.
  • Each zone has a new rare, large monster:
    • Forest Zone: Golem
    • Castle Zone: Haunted Statue
    • Desert Zone: Antlion
    • Cavern Zone: Yeti
    • Temple Zone: Phantom Mask
  • Refactored Artist/Spell customization menu for clarity
  • Inventory can now be sorted by material icon color


  • Necrom-nomicon's minions have been adjusted to increase diversity between high-power, single-summon spells and "slime swarm" spells.
  • Minion damage has increased dependency on spellpower
  • The minion type summoned determines its number of attacks, movement speed, and lifetime. Stronger spells summon higher tier minions.
  • Slime minions have reduced movement speed, can only attack once before expiring, and quickly disappear if they haven't attacked.
  • Doll minions have higher movement speed, can attack multiple times, and last longer.
  • Robot minions last even longer and can attack many times.
  • Vampire Tooth now restores a percentage of the player's maximum health instead of being based on enemy health.
  • Reduced the dodge chance on Rift Crystal robes
    • Dodge chance on stacking Rift Crystals on robe now capped at 50%
  • Cauldrons in the castle now destroy ghosts effectively at higher difficulties
  • Rock, Crystal Ball, and Rift Crystal's robe visual effects have been improved
  • Fixed certain Castle Zone levels spawning gems in unreachable areas
  • Fixed several cases of Forest Zone levels spawning gems out of reach
  • Adjusted level generation in the Desert Zone to have fewer contiguous areas underground
  • Gems can now spawn above ground in the Desert Zone
  • The cursor trail effect now properly scales with different cursor sizes
  • Cobra miniboss enemy is now immune to knockback effects
  • Soul Contract spells now always consume at least 1 HP
  • Adjusted the volume on several SFX
  • "POWER HIT" and "RESIST" now only appear once per half-second per enemy
  • The final boss is now immune to knockback effects
  • Several enemies have been given better names (MOUTH_CORE is not a name)
  • Improved level name VFX


  • Fixed a bug where the finale sequence would be impossible to complete on large screen resolutions
  • Turrets now comply with Illusion Dust robes
  • Fixed a crash caused by going to the tutorial after a cavern level
  • Fixed an issue where the title music wouldn't play when returning to the title screen
  • Fixed a bug where Illusion Dust robes would cause the controller cursor to reposition
  • Fixed some cases of the Desert Boss digging too deeply into the ground
  • Fixed a bug where treasure chests would contain stuff they shouldn't
  • Fixed a bug where Ninja Sword + Owlbear Trap would cause traps to persist longer than intended
  • Cavern Boss's particles no longer persist longer than intended
  • Desert Boss's wings now properly fall when defeated
  • Fixed an issue where the player would violently distort when moving at high speeds
  • Damage text size no longer scales infinitely
  • Adjusted the finale sequence to eliminate cases where the player would lose materials (they return to your inventory)


  • Optimized level portals
  • Optimized castle flying books
  • Improved performance of Caustic Ichor's visual effects

Saturday, December 13, 2014