Tuesday, May 15, 2018

[Magicmaker] May 15th Update

A minor bugfix patch has been pushed to Steam and GOG, and should be available soon. Thanks to our players for helping us find and diagnose these issues.

May 15 2018 - Patch Notes

  • The alchemy menu’s material description now describes effects based off the shape of your first spell slot (laser or projectile)
  • Fixed an oversight that would allow the player get permanently stuck in the tutorial by setting their wand to an enchantment and exiting the game before the tutorial was completed
  • Fixed a graphical issue that would cause the background to flicker on some hardware configurations


  1. In the gog version, my savegame just disappeared. All progress lost. Please look into fixing that basic and necessary thing.

  2. Correction, apparently the gog standalone download does not ever save anything at all, even when the the "saving..." dialog shows up in the corner of the screen.

  3. How come this game can get a bug fix but no new content?