Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Mar 2018)

Hey everyone!

Things were particularly busy with Tasty Stewdios at the beginning of March, so we weren’t able to get our usual monthly status update out- but we’ve returned to our regularly scheduled status reports! We've focused the last month on refining the way units forge friendships with each other, as well as what that means for the gameplay of Forever and Ever. Friendship is the most powerful force in the universe, and we wanted to make sure we accurate reflect this within the combat and party management systems. Our goal is to have believable and clearly communicated relationships between heroes, forged through battles and fighting as a team. I know that's how I make all my friends!

As always, we also have a recap of our Screenshot Saturday posts from Twitter!

Finally, this month we also take a closer look at the Hermit, one of the 10 character classes in Forever and Ever. They are a strange and quirky bunch that are full of mystery!

In the olden days, when magic was not nearly as well understood, the Hermits were seen as supernatural forces to be reckoned with. Their understanding of fire and smoke was rooted in ancient customs, revering the temporary nature of life and storytelling. The hottest flames consume all around them, cannibalizing others before they too burn out quickly. The quieter flames need only to find proper tinder to kindle a new flame to pass on a legacy. Both leave smoke, which can remain after the fire and be seen for miles. On the flip side, while burning can be destructive, it can also give way to new life and healing. Burning certain blends of herbs and barks can produce healing, invigorating, or intoxicating smokes. The memory of those that were burned can inspire those still living to do great things.

These beliefs and customs have fallen to the wayside over the ages as generation after generation have become enthralled with the power of the tamed and controlled magics of the Fablers. Storytelling and the magic it bestows shifted from an art to a science. The Hermits’ dwindling ranks were reignited, however, by those who believe that modern life was becoming too rigid and unnatural. Magic isn’t special if it’s called upon for the mundane- and those who felt that way heard the call of the old ways… even if they didn’t entirely understand them.

Modern Hermits are not held with much respect, seen as reveling in primitive and ridiculous rituals and lacking the ambition to use “proper” magic. It is still debated whether Hermits are even wielding magic or are just your run-of-the-mill arsonists. Some believe they should apply their wisdom to the field of chemistry, to which a Hermit would say they are missing the point.

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