Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Jan 2017)

Hello again!

Though we took the last month off of updating the blog for the holidays, we've been hard at work on Forever and Ever! We've been focusing on ensuring that all the remaining systems we want in the final game are in place. The main gameplay- commanding units around the map, combat, recruiting new heroes, and other moment-to-moment stuff is already in place- but now we're making sure that you have all the information you need about your heroes (as well as your enemies) to help you make better decisions in and out of combat.

One of the big challenges of designing a strategy game is deciding what information is available at any given time, while not overwhelming players with walls of information that are hard to digest. We think we've struck a good balance and are moving forward with polishing the interface for getting this information.

For more frequent glimpses into development, be sure to follow us on Twitter @TastyStewdios. Here's the updates we've shared since our last update.

This week we'd also like to dive deeper into the Fabler class- the wizards who study the science of magic.

In this world, the laws of narrative can be studied (and exploited) just as the laws of physics. Where the bards use this understanding to weave an engrossing story, the fablers use their smarts as a weapon. For years, the fablers have studied the circumstances and story requirements to summoning magical forces at will, and in recent times have begun to make incredible breakthroughs in conventional applications of magic. This magical renaissance has equally made fablers more common among adventuring parties.

Magic is a force that anybody can wield with sufficient understanding of timing and story arcs. Just as anyone can wield it, one can also train in defense against magic by honing their disbelief. For you see, magic is a delicate dance between the caster and those affected by it. The user must will their spell into existence, but others must believe in its power for it to truly take hold. Maintaining this balance of understanding and belief is the mark of a true master of magic. Many promising young fablers have found their abilities weaken over time as their belief in magic is replaced with the knowledge that it's only as real as they let it be. Many of these fallen fablers end up switching careers and becoming Heretics- the strongest deniers of magic, who protect others from its power.

The fabler is one of 10 playable hero classes in Forever and Ever. In the coming months, we will dive deeper into the other classes along with our regular development updates.

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  1. Though, the game needs a little bit more polishing I'm a fan of turn based rpg games,"late game" contents and "comic styled showy" battle, but will there be multiplayer in MagicMaker 2?