Thursday, November 9, 2017

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Oct 2017)

Greetings! We're here with another update!

We've been showing off some of our latest progress on twitter every Saturday, so we'll let those show and tell what we've been up to the past month!

This month, we'd also like to provide some more details about the GARDBUDDY. 

The consumer model of the GARDBUDDY was introduced a few years before the first apocalypse. Marketed as a home assistant that specialized in gardening tasks, these robots were soon adapted to fit a variety of purposes. GARDBUDDY is only one of the many products created by Supernova Innovations, but was by miles their most successful. The GARDBUDDY were given one directive: to help. It was not long before most manual labor was being performed by GARDBUDDIES. They were just so darn helpful!

Then, as these stories go, disaster struck. Something went terribly wrong at Supernova Innovations. An accident with world-ending implications transpired, and the world was thrown into darkness. Rampant anarchy grew as civilization collapsed overnight. But even amidst the chaos, the GARDBUDDIES just wanted to help. To some, helping was learning how to loot. For others, helping meant equipping weapons and fighting off looters. But ultimately, what was wanted most was an end to the conflict. With the assistance of the GARDBUDDY, the world stabilized and recovered from its first apocalypse.

The GARDBUDDIES that survived the incident are mostly operational to this very day, and continue their work of assisting those in need. However, with each year, their numbers are dwindling. Those that are damaged beyond repair or completely destroyed cannot be recovered. The factory from which they were manufactured, as well as the well-guarded secret of their mysterious power source, were destroyed in the accident. All that can be done to prevent GARDBUDDY from going extinct is to swap out broken parts for less-damaged pieces.

These repairs are done at the site of the disaster- the overgrown remains of Supernova Innovations HQ. Those whose functionality cannot be completely restored remain here, doing what they can to still help. Without tasks to perform, they tend to a beautiful, massive garden.

In modern times, GARDBUDDIES can sometimes be found adventuring with bands of heroes and fighting villains alongside them. Can a robot become a legend among the people? This remains to be seen. Their personality modules sure make them lovable, that's for sure!

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