Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios (Sep 2017)

Hey everyone!

Over the last month the game has been making tremendous leaps forward in presentation. We've finished all the primary UI elements, and now it's a matter of adding more missions, adding more animations, writing dialogue, and other things to pretty it up. If you've been following us on our twitter, we've been also been sharing screenshots and gifs of the game in action every week. Here's some from the last month:

This month we are going to take a closer look at another one of the playable races in Forever and Ever- the Wildkids.

For as long as there has been magic in this world, the Idein have existed in some form. They are the manifestations of magic- eternal spirits of creativity that have found themselves in the physical world. Wiley and whimsical, they have a reputation of being naive and childlike, which has branded them the moniker of Wildkids. 

Because of their ties to magic and the laws of narrative, they wield a tremendous amount of control over the world. Unbeknownst to the Wildkids, the world around them is slowly warped to their whims. Their daily pastime of playing pretend has shaped the forests they dwell in into colorful fantasy worlds. Nauseatingly colorful, one might say.

The Wildkids are powerful shapeshifters, morphing to fit the macrotrends in imagination. Though the commonfolk want absolutely nothing to do with them, they are absolutely fascinated by humans- so much so that Human-sonas are the most popular trend among their people. These wide-reaching shape trends are one of the few things they all agree on, and are how they track history. Rather than remembering events, they simply remember time by what was popular.

Their culture has few stable pillars, but one that perseveres is their love of art. A wildkid's depiction of their idealized self, their Optimal Configuration, or OC, is an important part of their complex social tapestry. To the untrained eye, may look like ridiculous or outlandish caricature of a person, but these fantastic works of art are held in high regard in Wildkid society. If an Idein is able to hold on to their OC for long enough without getting distracted by another, it is completely within the realm of possibility for them to become their OC- to devastating results.

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