Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (May 2017)


Brief update on development, we’ve mostly focused on UI-related stuff this month! We’ve been ensuring the has game a consistent look and attitude in everything from the menu buttons to the character portraits. And speaking of attitude, today we’re also going to be expanding on the Pilgrims- a race of humans that come from the distant (and very doomed) future. Read on for more!

In the present day, people from all walks of life go on adventures to forge a grand story for themselves in a bid for immortality. Villain or hero, each aspires to be the next big legend. Sometimes the actions of a villain can escalate to a world-threatening catastrophe that goes on to shape history, permanently etching the names of the heroes that thwart it in the collective imaginations of all who hear of their deeds.

But over time, the people began to grow numb to minor conflicts. Tales of heroism in wars between nations found themselves standing in the cold shadow of myths of world-threatening super-villains. It was difficult to notice in the span of a single lifetime, but stories were escalating. The threats grew bigger, the stakes climbed ever higher. It was not enough to be a local hero- you had to save the nation. Then the world. Then the galaxy. Then the universe. Then the multiverse. Then the multi-multiverse. Then, everyone realized the multi-multiverse sounded really dumb so that one was retconned. Apocalypses became regular events, and the people adapted, growing edgier and more dramatic.

Then, at the conclusion of the 7th apocalypse, a sobering discovery was made. The story of the universe was coming to an end. All that was and would ever be would conclude with the turn of the final page of The Passages. Humans, and all other life for that matter, was out of time.

Or were they?

A brilliant inventor devised a solution- to send his people back to an earlier time in the story of the universe. Bring humans back to a time where there was still time, when there was still hope, when tomorrow could be guaranteed (melodrama is sort of their thing). There was one problem- the technology was highly imprecise without an object to lock on to. A scout by the name of Jonathan was sent back in time with a temporal beacon- a bind point in time to which his fellow man could return to, and told to activate it once the time was right.

Finding himself in an absurdly hostile (read: pleasant) environment, an accident brought Jonathan’s life to an untimely end. Holding the fate of his people in his hands, he activated the time beacon before passing on- better early than never. Immediately his people began to return in droves, only to discover that the time they were arriving to was hundreds of years earlier than planned.

They’ve taken a liking to the canyons, deserts, tundras, and other isolated, harsh environments that remain largely unsettled in this time. Though some Pilgrims have integrated into the present day, many still find their dour, harsh personalities taxing to be around. Similarly, the pilgrims can’t stand how lackadaisical the people in the past act. They are, however, ever eager to join in adventuring parties, especially those running into dangerous or hostile situations. Perhaps it reminds them of their home time. Or, perhaps, it’s an excuse to get away from everyone asking them what the future is like.

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