Friday, April 19, 2013

Game Update: The Castle Remodel

Hey wizards! It's time for the Castle Zone's art rework! This update also includes character customization, bug fixes, and more goodies. Check out the patch notes below while you fetch the latest build from the Download Page! After you give it a whirl, feel free to also stop by our forums to discuss the new features.


  • The castle and all related textures have been updated
  • NPCs have been updated to the new art style
  • Players can now customize their character via the Costumer.
    • By default, the player character appears as he used to
  • The file select menu has been updated to include basic information about the player's progress.
    • The presentation of this information will be improved on in later updates
  • Improved VFX on several materials to match the new art style
    • More material effects will be improved on in a later update
  • The Target Dummy's maximum health can now be controlled by a series of buttons

Gameplay Changes:

  • The Castle Boss chamber has been condensed for more exciting battles.
  • Some elements of the race and target tests have been adjusted for better gameplay or readability to fit with the new art style. This should not affect most of the popular routes.
  • The Castle Boss will now only attempt to strike with its weapon if the player is in range
  • Decreased skeleton bomb explosion radius
  • The Fairy Queen will now only summon fairies while on screen
  • Soul Contract now provides a percentage boost to spellpower instead of a flat bonus
    • This change is targeted at wand balance

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where separate mode would steal alchemy components from your inventory
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Castle Boss's pieces did not have proper health values
  • Fixed an issue where tables would sometimes have improper collision rules
  • Fixed a bug that would cause spiders to stop moving.
  • Fixed an issue where ladders in the desert would not be long enough to help players out of pits
  • Fixed an issue where beanstalk leaves were not properly tiling
  • Fixed an issue with recipe name saving
  • Fixed an issue where quests would duplicate in the quest log
  • Illusions of the player now draw properly
  • Lightning Rod robes will now charge while crouch-walking
  • Fixed an issue where several quests would reset their progress improperly or complete despite failing


  1. For having so few people on the team, you certainly show promise. You manage to alter the art style quite dramatically, fix so many bugs, and still implement new features, all in such a short time-frame. If you continue to work this well, then you may well top the professionals with teams three times the size of yours. Best wishes for all your futures.

  2. Replies
    1. We will eventually add language support, but its going to take a while. Thank you for your patience.

    2. Call me if you decide to support Korean.

  3. Did you fixssssssed the 'extra wand'?

  4. About bug fixes..I found a bug that happen to me, Here is the video:
    The big chest just kept spawning money and items!

    1. Thanks for finding this!

      It has been fixed and will be in the next update.

      -Laddo D