Monday, May 26, 2014

Game Update: Alpha (Temple Update - Bug Fix #2)

Hey wizards!

We've fixed a few bugs in the public test alpha and a new version is now available on the Download Page. The IndieDB mirror may not immediately update, but will be available soon.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed a crash caused by using the stealth robe in the castle
  • fixed a crash caused by setting any keybind to TAB
  • fixed a bug where lasers would not update quest objectives
  • fixed a bug where ice gargoyles would launch themselves into terrain 
  • fixed a bug where parts of the desert boss could be drawn infinitely large
  • temple slider puzzles can now be moved by the player 
  • the quest "Pain and Panic" now tells you the correct material to use 
  • fixed a bug where crates in the desert could spawn inside walls
  • fixed a bug where fire trails did not work properly with walk-walking
  • fixed a bug where you couldn't load recipes properly if you had too many saved

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