Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5th Game Update

Greetings Witches and Wizards! Magicmaker's been updated with bug fixes and a BRAND NEW Magic Boomerang behavior!

Feb 05 2015 - Patch Notes

Added controller sensitivity options


  • Altered Magic Boomerang's spell behavior:
    • On Spell: If the spell hits an enemy, a mana boomerang is launched towards the player. Catching it restores some of the cost of the spell. 

    • Design Context: Magic Boomerang? More like Magic BoomeRANGE. In a lot of situations, the interesting decisions involved in high-grade Magic Boomerang spells included "can I click on my target" and "how high can I set my monitor resolution". They bypassed a lot of important pacing systems (namely spell range) which resulted in them being "fun because powerful" and not "fun because interesting". We're not hating on spell-snipers here, though! We love Quicksilver Gear and Rock and if you want to hit from miles away you've still got options. 

    • This change was also to help out some underappreciated materials such as Philosopher Stone and Soul Contract. By giving a skill-based avenue to mitigating these costs, we hope to have opened up some exciting paths of spellcrafting.

  • Rift Crystal robes are now capped at 50% dodge chance. 
  • On-hit effects are now triggered if you execute a target on spell hit


  • Fixed issues with fullscreen on some machines 
  • Enemies now ignore New Game+ scaling in training courses 
  • Cauldrons in the Castle Zone now properly interact with Laser spells 
  • Spell recipes can now be deleted from mission select crafting menus 
  • Fixed an issue with spell icons not functioning properly in New Game+ mode 
  • Fixed an issue with the final boss dying before being encountered 
  • Fixed a rare situation where no leaf piles would spawn in the mission whose objective is to remove all leaf piles 
  • Level portals no longer get embedded in the environment 
  • Fixed an bug that caused erratic behavior in the tutorial during New Game+ 
  • Ninja Sword trail particles no longer persist longer than intended 
  • Secondary effects on spells are no longer editable on graphics settings that don't display them in the first place 
  • The New Game+ prompt should only show up once now 
  • Fixed an issue where super clever wizards were getting negative times on training courses

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