Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th Game Update

Hey wizards and witches! More bugfixes coming in! Thanks for helping us find and resolve these issues.

May 28 2015 - Patch Notes


  • Explosive Powder's AoE damage now scales based on how close the affected enemy is to the center of the explosion


  • Fixed several typos 
  • Harpy Feather spells now damage enemies flung into walls properly 
  • Fixed a machine-specific crash on the final boss 
  • Fixed an issue where you could teleport into a quest vault in the temple 
  • The final boss now properly scales into New Game+ 
  • Adjusted Magic Boomerang tooltip 
  • Disabled Ninja Sword on Robe's ability to dash during cutscenes 
  • Recipe delete prompt will now inform you which recipe you are removing 
  • Deleting recipes from the recipe list no longer sometimes deletes the wrong recipe 
  • Ice Gargoyles now properly animate on low graphic settings 
  • Keys no longer get stuck deciding between two locks an equal distance from the key 
  • Adjusted buff stacking behavior 
  • Adjusted criteria for Magic Boomerang achievement 
  • Menus now display properly on smaller resolutions 
  • Fixed a crash related to Magic Boomerang's robe effect 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause endless cutscenes in the desert zone 
  • Players can no longer escape the tutorial, seriously, for real this time. 
  • Lasers now properly interact with objects during the final boss fight 
  • Charming ice no longer causes graphical issues 
  • Ghosts and Ice Gargoyles now play nice with stealth effects 
  • Giant Snowball's collision now more accurately reflects its appearence 
  • Treasure chests are now guaranteed to spawn in missions that require them 
  • Lasers now play nice with map illumination and vacuum cleaner spells 
  • Effects that require the player to stand still now work more consistently when standing on one-way platforms


  • Improved performance of laser and light-affecting spells and effects

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