Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16th Game Update

Greetings, wizards and witches! With your help we've ironed out some bugs, as well as buffed some material effects!

Read on for the full details.


  • Improved the effectiveness of several materials:
  • Bouncy Ball spells: increased starting bounces by 1 
  • Caustic Ichor spells: adjusted values to scale more strongly with spellpower 
  • Explosive Powder robes: Death delay normalized to 3 seconds at all ranks 
  • Fire Crystal spells: increased burn damage spellpower ratio 
  • Fire Crystal robes: increased burn damage 
  • Harpy Feather spells: wall collision damage increased 
  • Miniature Sun robes: increased burn damage 
  • Quiver spells: increased starting arrows by 1 
  • Philosopher Stone spells: reduced mana cost penalty 
  • Shade Spirit spells: increased control buildup spellpower ratio 
  • Sticky Slime robes: greatly increased wall-walking timer 
  • Tonna Bricks spells: increased spellpower boost effect
  • Middle-mouse click can now be bound in the keybinds menu 
  • You can now get into the forest treasure room tree with just Jharni's Socks of Jumping (sorry!) 
  • Rune spells now drop mana crystals in larger chunks if the number of crystals exceeds 10


  • Fixed an issue where New Game+ availability would sometimes not activate 
  • Optic Lens + Extract of Monday now properly combine in spells 
  • Fixed an exploit where Illusion Dust robe clones would cast more spells than intended 
  • Fixed a bug where some reward chests would not unlock despite all level gems being collected 
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck out of bounds 
  • Fixed several typos 
  • Updated loading screen tips

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