Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17 2015 Update

Hello witches and wizards!

Magicmaker has been updated! Here's what we fixed:

Dec 17 2015 - Patch Notes

  • Added left-handed mouse options 
  • Giant Cobra miniboss is now completely immune to knockback 
  • Turret Flowers are now affected by knockback 
  • Midnight desert and sunset jungle backgrounds have been added to Temple Zone difficulties 3 and 4 respectively 

  • Re-added Windows XP support 
  • Actually fixed the green crystal chest bug this time 
  • Lightning Rod's robe effect now works properly when walking on walls with Sticky Slime. 
  • Fixed a bug where trying to bind the arrow keys would work, but the keys would be improperly labeled as "INVALID KEYBIND" 
  • Fixed a bug where Fairy Wing laser spells were doing less damage than intended 
  • Fixed a bug where you would have zero ammo available if you picked up a quiver in the plug and play challenge 
  • Tonna bricks + Sticky Slime projectiles now obey gravity until they begin follow walls 
  • Fixed an issue where spell names would become miscolored through renaming 
  • Fixed an issue where the temple vault in the bachelors difficulty mission was unlocked at the start of the mission 
  • Adjusted spacing issues in the UI options menu 
  • Fixed a music loop stutter in the associates difficulty Desert Zone 
  • Fixed a case where you could no longer progress if you enchanted your wand in the tutorial and then quit out 
  • Fixed a bug where the screen would occasionally just go all white during the finale sequence 
  • Fixed a bug where rock lasers would sometimes make the screen go all white

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