Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (May 2016)

Hey fans,

Development has been continuing smoothly on Tasty Game #2 over the last month, and today we have some more pieces of concept art to show! As much as we want to dive right in, if you haven’t read last month's update, you may want to do that first. It goes over some fundamental pieces of the world we’re building and gives some more context to what we’re showing today.

Finally, another reminder that these are concept art pieces, being used for direction and inspiration, and like all things in game development may be iterated on as we march towards release.

First today is the Gladiator class. Look at all of those swords! That’s at least one for every occasion. Gladiators are the bread and butter frontline combatants, and have all the tools they need to charge into a fight and break through difficult defenses. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these mighty fighters taking on multiple foes at once in close-quarters combat. I mean, she’s got… 7 swords? That’s enough for 7 foes, right? That is precisely how math works.

Need to decimate a bunch of foes, but can’t be bothered to get up close? The Fabler class has you covered. Don’t be fooled by their charming attire, these bookish mages have studied fairy tales all their lives, and understand precisely how magic works in any good narrative. Their mastery of story arcs and dramatic tension allow them to wield incredible magics in the world of the Passages. Mock their sweater vests, and they will probably summon a meteor strike directly to your location.

Much less concerned with their outfit, the Pilot class is comprised of brilliant inventors, DIY-nuts, and total nerds. Practicality is the name of their game, and nothing is more practical than piloting a giant mech suit. What, are mechs not practical? That sounds like something someone who doesn’t have a power armor suit would say. Machines are totally more repairable than bones.

But hey, if you’re into the whole “breaking bones” thing, the class known as the Punk may be what you’re looking for. These sneaky scoundrels can knock out unsuspecting foes in a heartbeat. Preferring opportunism to brute force, they’re also master escape artists and excellent scouts. Just be ready to pay big for their help. If it’s one thing they truly adore, it’s gold.

If you’re short on cash or just need to simplify, you could go live in the woods and you know, just figure things out. That’s probably what a Hermit would suggest. It’s not completely clear if they have magical powers, or if they even care. None can doubt that they are really good at starting fires and surrounding themselves in a thick smokescreen, and their censers are filled with mysterious plants and herbs that seem to bestow remarkable abilities on themselves and allies. Maybe they are magical? Who knows. The antlers are definitely for decoration, though.

And with those five, we’ve covered all of the core character classes- Crusader, Outlaw, Heretic, Lookout, Exorcist, Gladiator, Fabler, Pilot, Punk, and Hermit. Which is your favorite? Which would you like to know more about? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter- @TastyStewdios

Stay tuned for more!

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