Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Jul 2016)

Hey fans,

This month’s update is going to be going over the five playable races in our upcoming title, as well as their place within the world we are crafting. We’ve also got several pieces of concept art to show that demonstrate aspects of each race’s identity and culture. These are intended to show what a prototypical member of the species would look like, rather than any specific character or specific race/class combination.

You know the drill- all these pieces are concept art and are for direction and inspiration and subject to iteration.

“Everyone wants to be a hero.”

First up, the Commonfolk. If you’ve been following along with our class reveals, they should look familiar. The world of the Passages is primarily inhabited by these versatile, hardy folk. They can be found all over the world, from farmlands to sprawling cities. Because they are so common, their struggle in the Passages is carving a unique identity of their own- leading many to take up adventuring in a quest for fame.

“They don’t know what they’re missing”

Why worry when you can live forever? The Incurable never hunger, never tire, and never say a party is over. They prefer to be known as the Cured, but jealousy [or pity] has given these human jerky a less-than immaculate reputation.

Surrendering themselves completely to a twisted ritual, the Incurable have become living mummies. Freed from the burdens of life, they lead an indulgent existence of excess and decadence, masking their twisted forms with masks, jewels, and pizazz. Upon entering their cursed lands, one's sense of time is washed away by the sounds of swing music and then drowned in a sea of neon lights. Stay a while, and you might start to see life through a whole new lens.

“Supernova Innovations™ introduces the latest in our line of work robots, the GARDBUDDY™. This cheerful companions are ready to serve with over 2,000,000 distinct commands! This model comes with a brand new artificial personality simulator, so your new BUDDY™ becomes part of the family! Get yours today, and never toil with a chore again! Now in multiple colors!”

The GardBuddy was once a consumer model robot built and sold by ancestral commonfolk over a thousand years ago, before a global catastrophe nearly annihilated all life on the planet. From the ashes rose a new generation, aided in society’s reconstruction by the only machines to survive the disaster. As always, they were ready to serve! Many of the original production line is still in operation, due to their Plot Hole™ power source. Those not given commands or who have completed their assignments have returned to the overgrown factory from whence they were created.

It is still hotly debated whether or not the GardBuddy was a net positive for humanity.

“And... and, and I’m half-demon, half-god, 3/7ths fairy and completely invincible, even to death!”

Next, we have the wily denizens of the forest, colloquially called the Wildkids. These original characters (do not steal) have a reputation of being obnoxiously whimsical, living far from Commonfolk settlements (or perhaps commonfolk move away from them). Their naive behavior and childish appearance belies their true power- the Idein, as they are formally named, are eternal spirits of creation. Idein are able to shapeshift themselves to fit whatever fantasy their imagination has become preoccupied with at the moment. In the world of the Passages, a place where narrative potential bestows magical powers, these youthful sprites wield tremendous but unpredictable power. To them, life is an endless game of pretend, hopping between identities at the drop of a hat, blissfully unaware of the powers they have at their disposal... but perhaps that is for the better!

“Seven apocalypses couldn’t stop me, what the hell makes you think you’ve got a chance?!“

Finally, the Pilgrims are a band of rogues from the end of the world. Not far away, but far a-when; they hail from the distant future, where all stories have escalated to planet-threatening catastrophes and all of humanity has escaped to underground cavern systems. The Pilgrims bailed on their reality to return to the present day- a simpler time, where the plantlife is edible and there’s only one moon and all the moons aren’t after your blood.

Transitioning has not been easy, not the least of which has been the radically different air chemistry. At least they came prepared with gas masks from their time. Though they have intentionally settled in uninhabited canyons and wastelands, life in the present time is way too simple. The heroes are too soft. The villains aren’t evil enough. The sun is waaaay too bright. But they are ready to jump on the opportunity to go on adventures with anyone who can tolerate their... unique brand of edginess. They adorn themselves with relics from their time- busted pieces of once-functional technology, and accent it through spray-paint art.


And that wraps it up! We couldn’t be more pumped up and excited about the universe of our next title, and we hope you can see why with what we have shown today. Let us know your questions, comments, and favorites in the comments or on twitter @TastyStewdios. We’ve got even more stuff planned for the coming months, so stay tuned!

P.S: Scripting bugs sometimes produce hilarious results.

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