Monday, October 24, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Oct 2016)


This past month we have been working on designing the UI elements in our next title, with extra focus on making the different pieces feel unique to what we are making while still clearly communicating information and ideas. Additionally, more work has been done on character animations, and they are looking fantastic.

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Last month I mentioned that we have spent a great deal of time and care building a compelling world for the game to take place in. To make these locations feel alive, each nation is defined by a past, current events, and ideals/motivations which guide what kind of future they want to move towards. Often this involves evolving relationships, rivalries, border disputes, and the rise and fall of important leaders. Over the next several months, we’ll be diving into the different nations of the world.

Flag of Garten

We begin our expedition in the central region of the southern continent. The current draft of the main story begins in the quiet Province of Garten, shown in the map in yellow. It is a nation that has seen better days- once expanding far to the west, now a nearly land-locked wedge dividing the continent. Its reputation on the global stage is the home of modest, unassuming people, quiet but hardworking. It is for that reason that many have begun to immigrate from all corners of the world- everyone wants to have a backstory in a sleepy town that nobody has heard of.

Flag of Waldurois

Many of those crossing the border come from their eastern neighbor Waldurois (shown in green). One of the eldest nations, its power and economy was built on its numerous seaports and oceanside marketplaces. Beautiful, ancient structures dot the coastline, making it a popular destination for travelers or as a stop on an ocean tour. But if one heads inland, they begin to see the crumbling infrastructure and political turmoil that is brewing. In the process of reinventing itself, Waldurois recently formed a controversial alliance with Garten. Though the two have often acted independent of each other, the changing tides have brought a new fear from the West.

Flag of Nauzuheim

The Kingdom of Nauzuheim. Represented in pink on the map above, this nation began in the coastal peninsula in the northeast, but under new rule has exploded in size, conquering the western lands and then expanding south. It now stands as one of the largest nations in the world, and yet still hungry for more. Nauzuheimians are a proud, loyal, and mighty people- fiercely competitive, and often the victors. The ancestry of the greatest swordfighters in history lives in their blood, and united under the rule of their new emperor-general, they seem hungry to prove that to the world.

That’s all for this month! We will discuss more locations and history in the near future. Have an excellent Halloween, everyone!

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