Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Jan 2017)

Greetings! We’re back from a holiday hiatus and have got another development update/geography lesson!

The past month has been spent on character profile art and related UI elements. You know how in most strategy games you can select a unit, and get a readout of their name, stats, a little picture of them, so on so forth? That’s what we’ve been doing. It’s off to an awesome start, and we can’t wait to show it off, but would prefer to wait until all the temporary art assets have been replaced. What we have accomplished has laid a great foundation for the art style that will be expressed in every facet of the game.

On to the world history lesson!

Today’s three countries of interest as we move northward- Stoimont (yellow, on the bottom), San Gréava (green), and The Calpis (orange, to the west). 

Flag of Stoimont
Stoimont. Orderly conduct. Unity. These things are inseparable. This small country has taken upon themselves the duty of being the ultimate bastion of civility in this world. Lawfulness is so enshrined in Stoimontians that it is said that they are incapable of cheating or lying- a stereotype to be sure, and one that has caused more harm than good. The most zealous of law enforcers are called to service by the capital city’s elite order of knights. This vanguard sees to the safe passage of any diplomats that travel to or from the International Peace Committee building, where disputes can be resolved peacefully under their ever-watchful eye. The capital is also known as the “city of bridges”, both diplomatic and physical- to travel by land between the continents means going through Stoimont. 

Flag of San Gréava
When contrasted against their southern neighbor, San Gréava seems downright anarchic. This massive region is a mixture of misty mashes, rainforests, and volcanic activity. Though there are a few large settlements near the national borders, the majority of the region is controlled by the indigenous Ideian, more commonly called wildkids. According to most historians, the Ideian are said to have come into being here through some unexplained force. Despite being the eldest wildkid settlement, they are the least organized. Ever unpredictable, childish, and without a central leader figure, it’s impossible to know if the wildkids that venture to the larger cities claiming to be diplomats are playing pretend, or a sincere effort.

Flag of The Calpi Islands
Then there’s the lands to the west known as The Calpis. With a rich tradition of naval exploration and trade, one might be quick to dismiss these quiet islands as a peaceful land of fishers, sailors, and farmhands. You would be correct, probably. The world’s most intelligent codebreakers and master covert agents hail from the Calpis. To protect their spies, people from all walks of life have a civic duty to periodically travel around the world on miscellaneous errands and journeys. This makes it impossible to suss out who is a spy and who is just on a government mandated adventure. And no, they aren’t above selling their services… if you can find a real agent.

We hope this look into the western lands has piqued your curiosity! More next month, stay tuned!

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