Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 6th Game Update

Happy Holidays! We've rolled out another Magicmaker update to address some bugs and other issues with the game. Read on for the full notes!

Dec 06 2016 - Patch Notes


  • You can now warp between the boss-repelling giant gems in the Temple Zone (allowing you to return to the start of the level) 
  • Crystal Ball spells have again updated behavior for multi-hit effects. If there are no nearby enemies, they will loop back to the same target. 
  • Adjusted Beehives to be slightly more difficult to knock down, especially in New Game+ 
  • Agitated bees stay around for less time in New Game+, but deal more damage. 
  • Leaf piles now have health


  • Poison and Fire status effects no longer do 100x their intended damage on the Super Murderfest challenge 
  • Salamanders now take knockback damage 
  • The title screen now displays on extremely large resolutions 
  • Fixed additional typos and adjusted some quest text. There are now absolutely no spelling errors at all within the entire game. Every single word of every line of text is spelled correctly.

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