Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Nov 2016)

Hello again!

This month we saw continued progress on our first map sprite animation pass, and it’s looking like we’ll be done with the basic character classes soon! To put those animations to work, we’ve also added a new AI system that gives us a lot more control over missions and encounters. This new AI has already taught us some interesting lessons in combat strategy!

Following in last month’s footsteps, we’ll also be featuring another piece of worldbuilding content  this month.

 This month we head south of the locales we explored last update. Looking at the map now, it’s hard to believe this all used to be a single country!

Flag of Nestingwel

Nestingwel, shown in gold on the map, is a primarily comprised of quiet countryside, dotted with ancient limestone towers and fortresses nestled in the wind-swept grasslands. It is the longest-standing nation in this world, standing firm and watching the rise and fall of its neighbors over the centuries. Though the position of king has a notoriously high turnover rate, its citizens take pride in their homeland’s regal reputation.

Flag of Stromenwel

To the west we find Stromenwel, in red. This nation was once a county in Nestingwel before its violent declaration of independence. The war that ignited by this incident burned for many years, before a peace agreement was ultimately proposed by Nestingwel to protect the citizens from both sides. The following years, Stromenwel saw a great deal of aid from its motherland, which allowed a new nation to be built atop the demolished land. The memories of the bloody separation still linger, and consequently the country elects to remain neutral in the territory disputes of its neighbors. This isn’t to say it is a land of pacifists, though- if push comes to shove, the militias of Stromenwel will defend their hard-earned lands to their last breath.

Flag of Meerestor

Riding the coattails of Stromenwel’s successful independence effort, the United States of Meerestor followed suit in their secession from Nestingwel. Haunted by the war that had finally resolved, the transition to its status as a nation-state was incredibly peaceful. Shown in blue, the seaside city-states have grown to be culture capitals of the world. Famous for its magic-users, numerous academies and even more quaint cafes, it is a popular tourist destination and highly sought-after as a place of origin. This recent population boom is shared with its neighbor and trade-ally of Garten.

Thanks for tuning in, more next time!

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