Saturday, August 5, 2017

Announcing Our Next Title: Forever and Ever

Write the new hero's journey- build the best team of would-be legends and decide their fate in this fast-paced strategy game! Will they die a tragic death, or be remembered forever and ever? Every hero has their own legend waiting to unfold! 

Since March of last year, we have been dropping tidbits of information regarding the development of our second game project, which up until this point has been known as "Tasty Game 2". Today we are proud to unveil the game properly, and its name is Forever and Ever. So, what is it?

At its heart, Forever and Ever is a turn-based strategy game in a world filled with dynamic and unique characters- each with their own backstory, talents, shortcomings, desires, and goals. You aren't commanding around some nameless, generic, expendable warriors- each unit has personality! They will forge bonds with your other allies. Their wounds in battle can leave scars that stay with them. Your adventures with them will leave lasting impressions. And, if you aren't careful with your tactics, they can die. Forever.

You play as a Bard- a professional writer and storyteller that shares tales of heroes and villains with the world. Your role is critical in The Passages- a fantastic place where the laws of narrative are akin to the laws of the natural world, and being a memorable character bestows immortality! Though sharing tales of legends of old has its charm, what better way to get new material than to follow future heroes on their quests as they unfold?

The majority of the units at your command will be wholly unique to your time with the game. The primary means of acquiring new heroes is by stopping at Inns along your journey, at which you can interview prospective teammates and decide which one is right for your squad.

Forever and Ever has a great deal of tactical depth as well. Each of the 10 character classes not only have different distribution of strengths and weaknesses, they also are equipped with a unique set of skills. These abilities range from different ways to attack foes to supportive actions to aid allies. Every class has some way to assist their teammates, making proper synergy and teamwork very effective! In addition to the different classes, there are also 5 different races, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities as well. Recruiting the right units for your team's plan is key.

We're excited to continue sharing work in progress screenshots and videos of Forever and Ever in the coming months! While we don't have a precise release window, we are anticipating the game to be complete in 2018.

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