Wednesday, August 30, 2017

[Magicmaker] August 30th Update

Greetings! We've deployed another update to Magicmaker. The detailed changelist can be found below.

Aug 30 2017 - Patch Notes


  • Bosses have been adjusted to make fighting them more challenging and interactive. The most noticeable change is significantly reduced idle times inbetween attacks, and an increases in the damage that some bosses' secondary attacks deal. These changes primarily affect New Game+ difficulty, and less so on the first playthrough.


  • Fixed a bug where the player could escape from the training course without all of the required items
  • Tweaked one of the finale maps so that the portal doesn't clip through the ceiling
  • Fixed an issue where a faint colored box appeared around the forest boss seed core 
  • Fixed a freeze caused by lighting wisps on fire
  • Fixed a bug where cauldrons would not spawn in the castle during goblin revolution 
  • Fixed a bug where fairy enemies may still appear during goblin revolution in the forest 
  • You can no longer pause during the ending sequence 
  • Fixed a bug where the background during the final battle would display incorrectly on wide resolutions 
  • Fixed a bug where goblin wizards with necrom-nomicon didn't spawn minions 
  • Fixed an issue where the quest line in the level portal menu wasn't centering properly 
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would not be properly destroyed in the finale
  • Fixed a bug where the player wasn't silenced when they entered certain portals
  • Fixed a bug where activating the boss room of the temple, then going to a shrine and staying there, would result in a bunch of temple boss warning effects going off constantly 
  • Fixed a bug where left over vfx from the previous level would show up on the title screen 
  • Grammatical fixes on a handful of tooltips

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