Friday, May 18, 2012

Game Update: The Castle Update

A very large update is now available for Magicmaker!  Head on over to the Download Page to get the new client.


Patch Notes:

  • New area: The Castle Zone! Featuring:
    • Area Lighting
    • Zone-specific enemies
    • Intelligently generated maps
    • A brand new unique boss monster
  • Players can now customize their robes as they do their spells, providing passive effects!
  • Five new materials!
    • Repulsor Energy
    • Rainbow Prism
    • Ton of Bricks
    • Slime Heart
    • Rock
  • A comprehensive tutorial has been added! This covers all the basics a new player needs to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Players can now unlock an additional spell slot.
  • Menus have been cleaned up, with extra tooltips and improved ease of use
    • Tooltips now have important numbers highlighted in various colors, depending on their effects
  • A difficulty level selection menu has been added to zone portals
  • The Forest Zone has received a significant visual upgrade
    • The Bachelor's level Forest features a rainy aesthetic and unique music.
  • Background music now loops. 
    • Under some circumstances, a slight stutter may be observed. This is a known issue.
  • Areas now have intelligently generated names, displayed upon entering
  • Gameplay stats are now available at the conclusion of a zone. Record times are tracked and stored.
    • Newly discovered material grades are also displayed.
  • An Auto-Upgrade feature has been added to spells and robes
    • This will automatically replace materials in your spells with higher grade ones of the same type, if available.
  • Boss areas now have a distinct appearance and background track
  • The hubworld has been given a proper background music track
    • This music changes as you approach zone portals
  • Material loot drops have unique effects depending on the quality of the material
  • Minimap now has a stylized look
  • Materials flavor text adjustments
  • Enemy information on mouseover is now more clear
  • Area portals have new animations and behavior. They now draw the player in if they stop moving near them.
    • A confirmation menu appears, in case of accidental portal use. This menu also contains difficulty settings, if applicable.
  • Goblin AI patterns have been improved
    • They also jump higher
  • The Forest boss has undergone a few balance changes
    • Defeating the vines is now easier on lower difficulties
    • Doing so grants bonus damage to the core
  • Fire now spreads to nearby enemies upon collision
    • This is most noticeable on non-enchantment fire spells, which can now spread flames even if the primary target is defeated by the upfront damage.
  • The Librarian now has a mana regeneration crystal, allowing players to try out spells without burning out of mana in the hubworld.
Under the Hood:
  • Render performance increases
  • Improved NPC interactions
  • Text rendering now properly accounts for multiple lines
  • Fixed multiple crashes, including more frequent ones surrounding
    • Level loading
    • Text fields
    • Menus
    • Corrupted file interactions
  • Significantly improved file I/O
  • Hundreds of bugfixes
NOTE: Do not try to transfer old save files between the previous version and this one. There have been major changes to how we preserve your data. Attempting to copy over your save file will just overwrite it with this new build.


This patch has been a major undertaking for our team. We've been working on the project nearly every single day, designing content, adding features, putting out technical fires and polishing every corner to a shine. Everyone here at Tasty Stewdios is incredibly proud of the effort that went into the Castle Update and believe we have set the bar for what we can deliver to you, the player. Though we have been focused on making the best game we can, what really matters is what you think. 

Once you have given the latest version a whirl, please fill out the feedback form. This is available though the in-game pause menu, or by clicking HERE.

--Whoa Constrictor

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