Friday, June 8, 2012

Game Update: The Economy Update

A new version of Magicmaker is now available! This update adds a bunch of new features, so be sure to check it out! Head over to the Download Page to get the new client.


Patch Notes:


  • Five more fantastic materials!
    • Crystal Ball
    • Ectoplasm
    • Fairy Wing
    • Optic Lens
    • Rift Crystal
  • The Vault of Silence has been added to the Academy
    • The vault contains treasures for adventurous players who collect all the crystals when exploring zones
  • The concept of money has been introduced to Dörwall. Players can now collect gold.
    • Gold can be found in zones and by selling unwanted materials
    • Gold can be used to purchase materials and other things.
    • A Shopkeeper NPC has been added to the hubworld.
      • Players can buy and sell materials at the shopkeeper.
  • Artifacts have been discovered! Artifacts provide various utility effects such as increased power, mobility, and other things.
    • Artifacts added:
      • Jharni's Socks of Jumping
      • Staff of the Maple Leaf
      • Blessed Ancient Mystic Cursed Enchanted Voodoo Doll
      • Portable Tombstone
      • Bazel's Hourglass of Regret
      • Haht the Wizard's Wizarding Hat
    • Players can only equip one artifact at a time.
    • Artifacts can be bought from the shopkeeper or found in the Vault.
    • An Archaeologist NPC has been added to the hubworld.
      • Players can borrow artifacts they have discovered from the archaeologist.
  • Players can now combine materials to create others via Alchemy.
    • An Alchemist NPC has been added to the hubworld
  • The player now has a jump animation.
  • The background track for the Associate's difficulty Forest Zone has been polished a bit.
  • Bosses now appear with a special visual effect.
  • Level transitions now have a neat animation and fade out effect.
  • Players can now sort their inventory by name, alchemical properties or quantity owned.
  • Zones now contain treasure chests scattered around the level. These contains materials and gold.
  • The first time players collect all of the gems in a certain difficulty rewards them with a key for the Vault.
  • Spells using "Ton of Bricks" now deal more damage.
  • Players can now double-click material grades to select them when adjusting wands, spells and robes.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where players could leave the tutorial without collecting the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the music would reset upon zone transfer, even if the track in the new zone was the same.
  • Fixed a bug where transition music would continue to play while in menus.
  • Particle effects are now cleared upon level transitions.
  • Item Get messages now properly use "an" vs "a"
  • Fixed a bug where players could cast spells while using portals
  • Game is now saved when selecting the "To Title Screen" option.
  • Fixed a crash related to displaying very long names
    Under the Hood:
    • Fixed a few memory leaks.
    NOTE: Do not try to transfer old save files between the previous version and this one. There have been changes to how we preserve your data. Attempting to copy over your save file will just overwrite it with this new build.

    --Whoa Constrictor

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