Friday, July 27, 2012

Game Update: The Progression Update

The next update for Magicmaker has finally arrived! This update brings fun new materials, character customization, and more! Be sure to check it out- it is as easy as clicking over to the Download Page.

Patch Notes:


  • Five new materials:
    • Soul Contract
    • Spider Silk
    • Gear
    • Seashell
    • Magic Boomerang
  • Five new artifacts:
    • Muka's Dustpan of Haste
    • Columpus's Compass
    • Owl Medallion
    • Lantern of the Mist Banshee
    • Spellblade of Avenging


  • Dörwall Community College has opened their doors! The hubworld is now much larger and detailed.
    • This area will continue to expand and be filled as new content is added.
  • NPC interaction has received a complete overhaul. Dialog is more dynamic and menu-driven. Additionally, the NPCs provide more information to the player.
  • Many new NPCs have been added, including:
    • The Headmaster
    • Artist
    • Costumer
    • Columpus, the Explorer
    • Tipsy, the Advice-Giving Drunk
    • A whole bunch of students
  • Quests have been added. NPCs with quests for the player will have a marker over their head.
    • Area portals will inform you if you have quests to complete in that zone.
  • Players can now customize their spell effects.
    • As long as a material is present in a spell, its visual effects can be added/removed to the spell.
  • Spellcast in style! Various cosmetic have been added.
  • Try out for the Dörwall Cheetahs! Target Tests and Race Tracks are now available.
  • Race to complete challenges in record time, either on an obstacle course or on a target range.
    • 4 tracks have been added:
      • (Target) Monarch's Tree
      • (Target) The Witch's Cellar
      • (Race) Butterfly Grove
      • (Race) Escape from Boogie Manor!
  • A "Randomize" button has been added to spell crafting menus. Try out wacky new combinations, instantly!
  • Various sound effects have been added.
  • Monsters now have death animations in addition to particles.
  • A new leaf track was added to the hubworld for transitioning to the Castle Zone.
  • Higher difficulties of the Castle Zone now have a unique background track.
  • Some parts of the Forest Zone have been improved for visual cohesion. 

Gameplay Changes:


  • Crystal Ball spells no longer accelerate, but still home in on targets. Overall, they are significantly more accurate
    • Homing spells have increased power across the board
  • Diamond now properly applies its damage when placed on laser spells
  • Lightning Rod is now a GREEN ENERGY type material, from PURPLE ENERGY.
  • Lightning Rod spells now only arc to one target, instead of all targets in the radius. This is to prevent abuse with on-hit effects and damage vs incredibly large crowds and bosses.
    • The nearest target is prioritized
  • Optic Lens spells no longer apply on-hit effects at full power per tick.
  • Ectoplasm and Vampire Teeth can no longer leech from the same target more than once per spell
  • Portable Tombstone's health threshold has been increased to 25% from 10%
  • Haht the Wizard's Wizarding Hat will now reset its spell counter upon entering a level.
  • Blessed Ancient Mystical Enchanted Cursed Voodoo Doll's immortality effect now lasts longer to more accurately reflect its VFX and SFX


  • The hallways in the Castle Zone are now taller to prevent paths that must be crouch-jumped into.
  • Treasure chests are more likely to contain gold. Gold amounts have been normalized and increased overall (no more 1-gold boxes!)
  • The icon for the Air type has been changed from light green to light yellow for visual clarity
  • The mana crystal near the librarian now also restores player health.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Upgrade button in crafting menus to not appear
  • Haht the Wizard's Wizarding Hat will now properly allow the player to cast a spell for free even if they don't have enough mana to cast it normally.
  • The Forest Boss's flies will no longer randomly attack the player at insane velocities.
  • Tutorial turrets are now immune to all damage.
  • Levels are now significantly less likely to be impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to vibrate on certain terrain
  • Fixed a rare instance of treasure chests spawning inside walls
  • Fixed a bug where player HP and MP bars would display improperly on some resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue with the doublecast robe resetting some artifacts, and playing the transition effect.
  • Fixed a bug that caused artifacts to change into other artifacts when using certain menus

Under the Hood:

  • Levels now generate and load significantly faster.
  • An array of performance boosts, including
    • Optic Lens spells
    • Levels
    • Particles
    • Music
    • Lighting
  • Fixed various crashes involving
    • Loading screens
    • Fire Crystal spells
    • Illusion Dust robes
  • Object references are now safer on our end. This means fewer random, untraceable crashes.

NOTE: Old save files will not transfer between the previous version and this one. There have been changes to how we preserve your data. Attempting to copy over your save file will just overwrite it with this new build.

--Whoa Constrictor

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