Sunday, September 2, 2012

Minor Patch: Alpha v6.3.1

Attention wizards and witches!

We just put out an update to the Magicmaker client. As always, the new client is available on the Download Page.

Patch Notes
  • Addressed an issue where some machines would render nothing (black screens) or odd-colored blocks. If you continue experiencing issues after this update, please send us an email at If the game generated a file called error_log.txt, please send that along as well.
    • If you didn't have difficulty playing Magicmaker, you do not need to download the new game, however you are welcome to do so and aid in bug testing. 

Tasty Stewdios would like to issue a gigantic amount of thanks to the Steam community for over 300 downloads in the last two days! We've been reading through your feedback and it is incredibly insightful- thank you so much!

--Whoa Constrictor


  1. I can't download the game, the link is broken ! :C :C :C D:

  2. you should totally add a way to see your quests

  3. So, is this going to be continued? There hasn't been an update for quite some time.

  4. @Boatsniper Work is still continuing on Magicmaker. There should be a new update at the end of November with new materials and another level!

    You can follow our twitter and facebook pages for weekly screenshot of the game in-progress.