Friday, December 7, 2012

Game Update: The Desert Update

Get excited! The next content update to Magicmaker is here! This update adds the Desert Zone, as well as fun new materials and artifacts. We've also gone through the tremendous amount of feedback we've gotten, and improved many other aspects of the game. The complete list can be found below.

As always, the latest version can be found on our Download Page.

Patch Notes:


  • The Desert Zone has been added, featuring:
    • A unique boss fight
    • New quests
    • New monsters
  • Five new materials:
    • Ninja Sword
    • Sticky Slime
    • Poison Spore
    • Dark Essence
    • Rune
  • Three new artifacts:
    • Jin's Lucky Dagger
    • Coach's Stopwatch
    • Grudge Talisman


  • The player can now unlock an extra material slot on their wand
    • KNOWN ISSUE: This is referred to as an "Extra Wand"
  • The tutorial has been expanded upon, including an explanation of gems
  • The Shop has been improved
    • A and B grade materials are now stocked
    • The shopkeeper now sells 10 items at a time, up from 5
  • Early castle quests have been restructured to break up the action better
  • The Forest Zone has had several visual improvements
  • Some changes have been made to D√∂rwall Community College (hubworld)
  • Chests that drop gold now do so with gems, bills, and gold bars that represent larger denominations of money
  • Stat-tracking now includes gold gathered
  • Materials that alter mana cost should now say so in their description
  • The Artist now has an infinite mana crystal, allowing players to try their custom effects more easily
  • The Forest has a new music track on the Master's difficulty.
  • The Vault of Silence has its own music track.
  • Material Exchange Quests have been removed.
  • Many NPCs have expanded dialog trees or more random banter
  • An autosave icon has been added for clarity
  • Tipsy, the Advice-Giving Drunk has gained new wisdom
  • The Castle-themed race track courses are now dark

Gameplay Changes:


  • Spider Silk has a new robe effect: the player will leave a trail of exploding illusions behind them.
    • Spider Silk's old wall-walking effect has been moved to a new material, Sticky Slime.
  • All teleport spells will travel at least 1 tile, regardless of spellpower or material count.
  • Soul Contract has received significant buffs
  • Guillotine Blade now scales off material count instead of spell power
  • Vampire Teeth lifesteal on kill has been reduced
  • Explosive Powder's robe tooltip has been made more coherent.


  • Channeling for artifacts is now done with the Q key, instead of crouching.

Bug Fixes:

  • The tutorial will no longer attempt to explain the inventory while it is empty
  • Fixed a crash caused by the keybind menu
  • The stats screen no longer appears when leaving the Vault of Silence
  • Fixed an issue where money boxes would frequently fail to spawn in the forest
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would fail to clamp properly when using Bazel's Hourglass of Regret
  • The Fairy Queen now shows up as a Gem on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue where the Fairy Queen would eventually reach light speed and cease to exist while in storm conditions
  • Lasers now properly apply on-hit effects
  • Fixed an issue where the player would tunnel in intense windstorms
  • Removed a curious brown object from the Castle Vault
  • Fixes several quests, including those given by:
    • Archaeologist
    • Wandmaker

Under the Hood:

  • Magicmaker will now run on significantly more hardware/computers.
  • Improved error handling
  • Spell projectiles have had several performance improvements
    • Trailing Laser spells have been particularly optimized

NOTE: This version has added the ability for save files to transfer between builds. If you have the previous version of the game installed, you may attempt to migrate your saved game by merging this update with your previous directory. If you would like to try this feature, feel free, though we highly encourage starting a new game as well since we have restructured some of the early game content.

A gigantic thank you from us at Tasty Stewdios to all 1879 players who have tried Magicmaker since the Greenlight update. Your feedback has and will continue to be vital to production. From feedback forms to Greenlight comments to LPs on YouTube, you all have been incredibly useful to the development process.

--Whoa Constrictor


  1. I really enjoy the update but even though I keep getting the autosave notification it doesn't ever let me click continue to pick up where I left off. Everytime I close the game I have to start over...

  2. @Glenn We are still working on resolving this issue.

  3. Yes! Thanks guys, really enjoying the update, and has there been any luck from steam greenlight?

  4. @Globbus king I am glad to hear you are enjoying the game. Unfortunately, we still need quite a few more votes on Greenlight before we are even considered for selection.

  5. Yeah, well i'll try and help help it out there. Im really enjoying the ninja sword and the auto-save function atm :)

  6. @Globbus king Thanks for helping out!