Friday, November 22, 2013

Game Update: The Temple Update

Greetings, Wizards! A new Magicmaker update is available for testing! This will be the last major update to the game before we go to work to polish the game for release, featuring the Temple zone, five new materials, and several system changes. As always, you can get the latest version of the game from the Download Page.

The full list of changes can be found in the patch notes below.

Patch Notes

New Content
  • The Temple Zone has been added, filled with traps, puzzles, mazes and more! Featuring:
    • A unique persistent boss battle
    • New enemies
    • New quests
  • Five new materials!
    • Vulcan Wrench: Build a turret to gun down enemies!
    • Trick Bullet: Show off with an awesome ricocheting shot!
    • Necrom-nomicon: Summon minions to do your bidding!
    • Miniature Sun: Cook enemies before your bolt even reaches them!
    • Owlbear Trap: Place sneaky traps for your enemies to fall into!
  • New Artifact
    • The Heartseeker: Increases drop rate of health pickups
  • New Upgrade
    • Super Scroll: Increases all spells to 4 material slots
  • Added many new sound effects
    • These effects and their volume are still being iterated on.
  • Several rare rooms have been added to various zones
  • Enhanced debugging for level generation
    • The current level generation seed can be found in the pause menu. If you think something is wrong with a level, pass along that number in your bug report
  • Added "Clear This" and "Clear All" buttons to crafting menus
  • Improved Dörwall Community College for readability
  • Doctorate's Difficulty desert now has its own music track
  • Cavern boss now has its own music track
  • Improved appearance of tooltips
  • NPCs now walk about
Gameplay Changes
  • Changed the order artifacts are acquired in the vault
    • Boxes are now locked via Silver Keys
  • Gold has been removed from the game
    • It can still be found in levels to increase your score
    • Shopkeeper has been removed
    • Purchasable artifacts have been redistributed to the vault
  • Altered many monster health and damage values, particularly at very low and very high difficulties
  • Wall-walk controls have been significantly improved
  • Fire Crystal's robe effect is now on Miniature Sun. Fire crystal's robe effect now leaves a trail of fire behind the player.
  • Self-knockback effects should now scale with movement speed
  • Bees can no longer be attacked, and expire after a set amount of time
  • Boomerang robe orbs no longer are destroyed when colliding with knockback immune enemies
  • Tutorial area has been optimized for learning things
  • Appearance customization items are now unlocked as the player progresses through the story
  • Area quest gating has been slightly modified
  • Caverns are now deeper
Bug Fixes
  • Bees no longer travel at light speed and instantly kill the player 
  • Significantly reduced the number of beehives and leaf piles in the forest
  • Fixed a bug where the forest boss's vines had incorrect health values
  • Fixed NPCs violently twitching at random
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading the Desert zone
  • Fixed a bug where pulse shield effect did not work
  • Fixed a crash caused by screen shake
  • Player can no longer die in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the forest treasure room did not contain a free loot box
  • Fixed several instances of NPCs saying "Döörwall"
  • Fixed a crash caused by alchemy
  • Player can no longer perform alchemy on incorrect components
  • Fixed several issues with score-based prizes
  • Fixed several instances of "Quest Available" buttons not being blue
Under the Hood
  • Changes to physics, should prevent things from tunneling through walls
  • Level tiles now render a fraction of a second faster
  • Fixed a memory leak in level generation