Thursday, December 5, 2013

Game Update: Alpha 0.9.1

Hey Wizards!

We've identified and fixed several bugs with the Temple Update with your help, and have a new version of the game available to download. Your save files will be able to transfer from v0.9 to v0.9.1. The new version can be found on the Download Page. Enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the laser spell wouldn't trigger spell trigger tiles, puzzle switches, or puzzle sliders
  • Fixed a bug where Doctorate's difficulty monsters caused a crash
  • Fixed a bug where spells wouldn't load properly if it had two of the same material grades
  • Miniature Sun spells now trigger on-kill effects and can be used to complete quests
  • Reduced lag during level loading
    • Removed spiral rune transition effect
    • Reduced number of butterflies in initial player position in the forest


  1. Ugh, still not quite sure what I`m supposed to do in the Temple.
    And the blue crystal thing(sliders?) takes too much time to solve.

    1. Deep in the temple is shrine that can destroy the boss. In the meantime you can use the crystal shrines to ward it off.

      Thanks for you feedback!